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… and thus the curious new maid ran away and was never seen again. [x][x]

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"One moonlit night on the bayou a silhouette
The air was sweet and the fog was violet
The gators were all drinking tea, in a dreamy pantsless glee
I saw a suspendered man, a banjo holstered in his hands.” [x]

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These were made for practise and to be a part of my reference archive. I’m still learning, but I think it looks good enough to be shared with you fellow artsy robot enthusiasts. :)

Want me to share some techniques next?

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I love this song! :D

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Happy Halloween! [x]

Feel free to download and colour it :) 

[x][x] <— You guys are awesome!

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It’s happening again. That sickening noise from the laundry room echoes through the walls. No one dares to speak of what took place down there.


Additional spooky sound effects: [X]

For the SPG haunted house. This is based on a real place. It’s located in the basement of an old house from the 1940’s where I rented a room during 2 years of school. The laundry room is cold and barren, and you never feel quite alone in there.

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Let’s draw SPG - round 3.

Full size and more info! :D

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Steam Powered Warfare by *Sakalah

In the meantime… One year has passed and this old fanart needed some good dusting and updates. Still based on the old warbot designs, but now a little sharper.


Began sketching today. Why am I doing this to myself? I’ve got other time-consuming projects to complete already T-T

A lost soldier is found in the muddy wastelands of the First World War as the cold night gives way to the unveiling dawn.

My second contribution to the Let’s Draw SPG project. Based on the Danish social realist painter H. A. Brendekilde’s “Worn Out" (1889). This painting always invoke such a strong emotion in me. I also referenced this photo from 1917. I never want to depict a muddy landscape ever again.